QKC Resource Center

The Islands of Hope-Maui resource center kiosk at Queen Ka‘ahumanu Center provides a place where families and service providers can get information about resources that help families thrive. Queen Ka‘ahumanu Center (QKC) is allowing Islands of Hope-Maui to use a kiosk near the children's play area. The kiosk is open during all regular QKC hours. Volunteers staff the kiosk a few hours a week, helping people to access resources that will support their families. A list of scheduled volunteer hours is available at the kiosk.

The kiosk has brochures and flyers about many topics, including the following:

  • Creating Safe and Nurturing Families
  • Finding and paying for childcare and preschool
  • Accessing services in Maui's safety net for families
  • Accessing services to help families in crisis
  • Programs to support kupuna and assist with elder care needs
  • Resources related to housing
  • Job training and education, including scholarships
  • Programs specifically for Native Hawaiians
  • Obtaining health care, food, and housing

Please browse our list of materials available at the the kiosk as of January 2019: Materials available at the IOH resource center kiosk.

Let us know what programs are missing from our kiosk and how we can get that information.

The kiosk was designed to improve families' use of community resources, services, and programs by bringing information to a place where families naturally gather. Islands of Hope-Maui hopes that the resource center kiosk helps eliminate

  • barriers to learning about services
  • barriers to accessing services
  • the stigma sometimes associated with receiving services at a government or nonprofit agency.

The resource center kiosk is made possible by the generous support of Casey Family Programs and The Fred Baldwin Memorial Foundation, as well as the 100+ government and nonprofit programs that are providing materials and staffing the kiosk.

Visit the kiosk on your next trip to QKC and enter our drawing to win a $50 gift card!

Islands of Hope-Maui resource center kiosk at QKC
Islands of Hope-Maui kiosk decorated for April Child Abuse Prevention Month