What is Islands of Hope Maui?

Islands of Hope–Maui is a collaborative effort of Maui Child Welfare Services, Casey Family Programs, and Ho’oikaika Partnership to help Maui County’s public-private safety net protect and nurture our keiki, strengthen and support our ‘ohana, and improve opportunities for vulnerable children, youth and parents. The goal of Islands of Hope-Maui is to reduce the number of children who come to the attention of Child Welfare Services or who need to be placed in out-of-home care.

  • We are committed to improving the systems serving families at high risk of or experiencing child abuse and neglect and other forms of family violence.
  • Islands of Hope-Maui focuses on secondary and tertiary prevention, which means a focus on families who have been referred to CWS or are likely to be referred to CWS.
  • Islands of Hope-Maui strongly emphasizes meeting the needs of families before their needs reach a level requiring a CWS investigation or court involvement.
  • Islands of Hope-Maui leverages the networks of the three partners for maximum impact, alignment, coordination, and efficiency.

Islands of Hope-Maui evolved out of a research project conducted in 2016 by Maui Child Welfare Services and Casey Family Programs. Working with community partners, they implemented the Maui System Analysis Framework (SAF), which looked at reasons families were referred to CWS in 2014 and 2015 and what happened after the referral. The SAF identified gaps in services on Maui for families referred to CWS, including mental health services, parenting programs, housing, substance abuse, and domestic violence services. The SAF concluded with recommendations to improve the service delivery system for Maui families and to reduce the number of children needing Child Welfare Services intervention.

Islands of Hope-Maui was created as a larger community partnership to implement the SAF recommendations. Ho‘oikaika Partnership core members had been involved in the system improvement collaboration as advisors and stakeholders, and now Ho‘oikaika Partnership was invited to be the third partner to implement the recommendations.

Child Welfare Services, Casey Family Programs, and Ho‘oikaika Partnership agreed to become a “Community of Hope,” which is a loose national network of community-based collaborations to create and sustain safe children, strong families, and supportive communities. Casey Family Programs encourages and supports the creation of Communities of Hope. On Maui, our Community of Hope is called Islands of Hope, and there are plans for more Islands of Hope throughout the state. Casey Family Programs facilitates the creation of Communities of Hope around the country (see www.casey.org/hope2018/).